Burgin, Libby, Kirk, Lin (Mom), Bill, and Maggie


Together we are making it through. Each day is filled with sweet memories and a sadness that consumes. As we reflect back on the difficulty of the last six weeks, various aspects stand out that helped make the dark journey a bit easier. For Dad, one of those aspects was the gift of reading theContinue reading “Visitation”

Walking Her Home

What a privilege it is to walk a loved one to the gates of Heaven and know it will be but a blink before we unite once again. The heartbreak is unavoidable but the peace and known salvation; a gift paid by Christ alone. A large hole has been left in the Halbrooks family asContinue reading “Walking Her Home”

Holding Tight

We continue to take each moment as it comes. Another rough night and early morning. Thanks to imaging from a CT scan, doctors realized Mom needed an additional tube to release air from her body cavity. Due to infection, small tears in her right lung are allowing air to be released into her body cavityContinue reading “Holding Tight”


Until she takes her last breath, we will continue to pray for healing and hold the faith. After all, we have been given access to the Most High God through the Holy Spirit. The Lord promises we have His presence and His provision. He continues to give strength when it feels there is only depletion.Continue reading “Trust”

Trust and Hope

By Bill Halbrooks Don’t let anyone tell you that having children is not a blessing. My three girls have been by my side through this entire experience, and for that I am very grateful. Even though some numbers are better, their mother is struggling with severe pneumonia. We are still hopeful for a miraculous recovery.Continue reading “Trust and Hope”


When we were younger, Dad would frequently tell us he missed his calling. His name could have been among the greats – Johnny Cash, George Jones, Merle Haggard and Bill Halbrooks. Then he would sing a tune, we would laugh hysterically and find gratitude that he chose law school over guitar lessons. When we receivedContinue reading “Pneumothorax”

We wait with hope

Like we mentioned last night, Mom’s medical team began weaning her sedation overnight and they continue this morning. They are going very slow and thus far, she has remained stable. For this, we are grateful. Her white blood count has come down and as of this moment she is off blood pressure medicine. Today beginsContinue reading “We wait with hope”


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