The Power of Intercession

This morning we ask you to join us as we approach the throne of grace and ask for knowledge and healing from one of the infections in both Mom’s lungs and her blood. Doctors have found a Staph infection called MRSA in both. The “R” of this type of bacteria stands for resistant. At present they have her on three antibiotics and have run a blood culture to gain more understanding. Due to this, her white blood count has risen and she ran a fever late yesterday afternoon and into the night. We pray specifically that one of the three antibiotics will be the one to help her body fight this infection and overcome this bacteria’s resistant nature.

We are grateful her blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels remain stable and in an acceptable range for her condition. She has been able to remain on her back since yesterday morning and there is a chance they may try and lower her sedation level today. If so, her medical team will ask her to perform a simple command like squeezing a nurse’s hand. We told them if they play Rocky Top and give her a shaker, that may be the most natural command for her to follow. Stay tuned.

Our devotional this morning was about Moses interceeding for the people on Mt. Sinai. This meant a great deal to dad as he and mom visited the base of Mt. Sinai with a group from their church last February. Our devotion reminded us to never underestimate the spiritual power of a dedicated man or woman who know how to intercede with God. One of our greatest needs today is for intercessors who can lay hold of God’s promises and trust God to work in mighty power.

Thank you in advance for interceding on Mom’s behalf today!

7 thoughts on “The Power of Intercession

  1. We are interceding and approaching God’s throne of grace and miracles on behalf of your mom. You all are being surrounded by much love and prayer❤️


  2. Good morning Father. We praise your Holy mam for you are a good Father and remain in the presence of our sister, Lin. We thank that her vitals have stabilized. Today we ask for discernment and wisdom for the doctors as they decide the antibiotics needed to treat the infection in her blood and lungs. Father, please continue to breath your breath into her lungs to promote healing. You are able. We also pray that reducing the sedation is done safely and that she will respond. Thank you Jesus. Please continue the healing you have begun. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen


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