Light in the darkness

Light in the darkness represents many things to our family. Last night as four hundred lights illuminated the darkness in front of the Lincoln Memorial, we knew our family was represented. We are mindful that we are not the only family grieving and fighting alongside a loved one.

For mom, today is day 22 in the hospital and day 11 of intubation. Last night at 7pm many of you paused to collectively pray for Mom. Thank you! This meant a great deal to all of us but especially dad. He shared that as he prayed, he heard the song “Bring Him Home” from Les MisΓ©rables. With tears in his eyes, he told us all he wants to do is bring her home.

Yesterday, Mom’s medical team was able to lower her sedation like they had planned but in doing so had to once again begin blood pressure medicine. Once she settled back in with higher sedation and her BP regulated, her stats stabilized and she had a peaceful night. Today her blood gas numbers remain in good range. Her Oxygen ratio has been high enough for her to remain on her back. In the breathing trial yesterday doctors learned that her lungs are just not ready. Today will be a day of keeping her comfortable and giving her the gift of peaceful time to heal. The preliminary blood report should be back today and with the knowledge gained, doctors and nurses can fine tune her antibiotic regiment. They did begin her on a stronger broad spectrum antibiotic. Please continue to pray for progress and healing. Her medical team continually reminds us it is a slow process.

As we continue to pray and wait, we feel you with us. Part of our hope rest in that fact that we are doing more than just passing time, that in this journey we are becoming. Paul Tripp reminds us that every moment of waiting is a divine tool for personal restoration and preparation. Let it be so.

8 thoughts on “Light in the darkness

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  2. We are with you all in spirit and hope. There is great comfort in knowing Lin is God’s girl and He is holding her close. Love to you, Doris and Dan


  3. Father, we are told that the healing for our sister is a slow process, but we know that you will remain with her until the healing is done and we will continue lifting her up to you for that healing in the name of Jesus. Amen


  4. Praying for your mom and you guys every day. May the Lord restore her strength and make her stronger tonight and each minute forward. Love to you all.


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